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Supplying Direct Services offers a comprehensive solution for all your installation and maintenance requirements. With our proficient customer service and installation team, we take care of everything under one roof, providing equipment supply and installation services. 

  • Top-rated customer service

  • Competitively priced

  • Over 10 years group experience in play equipment installation

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Looking for inspiration?

Sky Stepper

Provides an excellent cardiovascular warm up for the whole body and Mimics the motion of the ever popular Elliptical Cross Trainers.

Horse Rider

Provides improved coordination and balance and creates imaginative play opportunities.

Double Health Walker

A much loved piece of equipment for children to have fun whilst exercising in a non-competitive environment.

Slalom Skier

Can be used as part of a challenging and enjoyable physical education lesson.

  • Outdoor Gym Equipment Installation

    Archbishop Courtenay Primary School

  • Outdoor Gym Equipment Installation

    Bentley St Paul's Primary School

  • Car Park Markings Installation

    Pert Bruce Construction Ltd

  • Playground Markings Installation

    St Pauls C of E Primary School

  • Playground Equipment Installation

    Lightfields Nursery

  • Bike Shelter Installation

    Trinity C of E High School

  • Trim Trail Installation

    Ewell Castle School

  • Youth Shelter Installation

    Hunstanton Town Council

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