Playground Equipment Installation

Our team specialises in the installation of playground equipment for schools and community spaces. We will gather all the necessary information needed then send our team to your location to install the equipment.

Get in touch with us today by sending images of your space and the equipment you desire, and we will provide an instant quote for you.

Explore our selection of playground equipment below.

Wooden Trim Trails

Wooden trim trails, also known as outdoor fitness trails or obstacle courses, are a fun and exciting way for people of all ages to improve their fitness levels while enjoying the great outdoors. These trails typically consist of a series of wooden obstacles, each designed to challenge different muscle groups and improve overall strength and balance. Contact us today for a quote!

Wooden Play Equipment

Wooden play equipment is a popular and classic choice for playgrounds and outdoor recreation areas. This equipment is made from natural and durable materials like cedar, redwood, or pine, and is designed to withstand the elements and heavy use. Get a quote today!

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